sábado, 11 de junio de 2016


· The name was inspired by an artist friend of the group who suffered from schizophrenia and BLACK KEYS used the term to describe "people who were not quite right". A double meaning can be interpreted as the fact that Black Keys that are frequenly associeted withs blues and rock. After signing withs the label alive, they released they debut album " the big come on " in 2002, followed by " Thickfreakness " in 2003, with got them a new label, falt passum records.

· They are a group  who plays blues and rock and one his songs is for example: LONELY BOY.   


I would like to visit:

- Madrid Because:
· I like to visit national museum Reina Sofia art center.
· Retiro park.
· The royal palace of Madrid.
· Real Madrid football field.

- France bacause:
· I like to visit EIFFEL TOWER.                                 
· The Quai Branly museum.
· The hotels arquitectoricos.

- Germany because:
· I like to visit Berlin wall.
· Berlin cathedral.
· There art galleries.
· Hamburg history museum.

- Uruguai because: 
· I like to visit caves geopark palace.
· Navigatin the black river and san salvador.
· Beaches on the river plate estuary.

- Russia because:
· St. basilis cathedral.
· State history museum.
· Peter and Paul fortress.